Thinking about pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree? Prospective students have the difficult decision of choosing between an online or traditional on-campus MBA program for their graduate studies.

Regardless of the path taken, earning an MBA degree is a powerful way to build new skills, break into an emerging industry, develop new connections or advance careers.

Both online and on-campus MBA programs have benefits but interested students will need to decide which delivery method is better suited to their needs.

Benefits of an online MBA program

1. Accessibility

With an online MBA program, international boundaries are eliminated as students can learn from anywhere in the world.

Online programs allow students to study at their own pace around their schedule. This provides them with the flexibility to earn an MBA while balancing and managing a career, family or business.

2. Diversity

By design, MBA programs are developed to be adaptable to a wide range of industries and needs, providing students with the opportunity to learn from a variety of viewpoints and backgrounds.

In addition to coursework, MBA programs help students learn from their peers and understand how others see the world. Through collaborative projects and assignments with classmates from around the world who have different backgrounds, experiences and career goals, students can equip themselves with new ways of thinking and increase their exposure to diverse perspectives on global, social and business issues.

MBA programs also incorporate case studies that address significant business issues and real-world challenges. Through these case studies, students will build diversity by looking beyond their personal bubbles and seeing how the world and other organizations operate as a whole.

3. Technology

Online MBA programs are often powered by the latest technology, supporting students in building their mastery of business technology.

Many online MBA programs and universities, including University Canada West, partner with leading business and technology firms, like Amazon Web Services, Digital Marketing Institute, Facebook Blueprint, Salesforce and Shopify. These partnerships introduce new technology and expertise into the program and course materials.

4. Online network and collaboration

Earning an MBA online allows students to connect with peers, instructors, leaders and mentors from different corners of the world, building greater networks that transcend international borders.

These new networks can lead to unparalleled ventures, including new job offers, business opportunities, skills development or even just a new friend to visit when travelling.

Benefits of an on-campus MBA program

1. Structured environment

Traditional MBA programs provide students with a structured learning environment that builds a stable routine. This is especially helpful for students who learn best in a traditional classroom setting that involves peers and an instructor.

Having regular classes scheduled each week in an on-campus environment surrounded by like-minded peers can help motivate students to be more productive and having the ability to directly interact with others can be beneficial for those who appreciate the intimate aspect of learning in person.

2. In-person collaboration and discussion

On-campus MBA programs foster deep connections through real-time conversations and discussions that help students build their knowledge and awareness of the world around them.

Through in-person collaboration, students can challenge themselves and each other to step out of their comfort zones and traditional ways of thinking to become leading entrepreneurs in the future.

3. Local networking

Students who want to build their local network will favour an on-campus MBA program as they can directly meet and bond with classmates and faculty.

With local networking, students can forge and build strong bonds with their connections, encouraging them to become part of a broader community and build relationships outside of the classroom.

4. Direct access to on-campus resources, facilities and activities

Studying on-campus has its perks. Students who choose to take an on-campus MBA program will have direct access to on-campus resources, facilities and activities.

Whether it’s before or after classes or during breaks, on-campus students can take advantage of their university’s resources like the library, study pods, meeting rooms and more.

University Canada West offers both online and on-campus MBA programs. UCW’s MBA program is ACBSP and NCMA-accredited and prepares students for success on a global level. Students can also qualify to earn certifications, including Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) and more.

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Posted on August 12, 2022.