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Four ways to boost productivity for remote workers

Five ways to boost productivity for remote workers

With the ongoing global pandemic, we’re all being encouraged to work from home and practice social distancing. While working remotely isn’t new for most companies, many aren’t used to their entire staffs working from home all the time. For companies who didn’t have plans ready to allow remote working, it can tough to make a smooth transition during the lockdown.

There can be benefits to working from home – for instance, employees don’t have to spend time commuting – but it can still be a challenge for companies to meet targets. Here are a few tips to help your staff stay productive when they can’t come into the office.

Communicate clearly

Communication is key to a good employee-employer relationship, especially when you’re working remotely. Assure your staff that you’re there for them. Encourage them to be honest with you about any hurdles they might be facing in completing projects. Let them know that they won’t be penalized over minor problems and encourage them to keep you in the loop on their progress.

Don’t be unreasonable

Some companies expect employees to do more work and do it faster, when they’re working from home because they’re not facing the distractions of an office. While your employees are saving some commute time, working from home can have its own issues and challenges. Piling on too much work will just overwhelm them and stir up frustration.

Use technology to track projects and collaborate

There are some great online collaboration and teamwork platforms, including Microsoft Teams, that let your staff work with each other seamlessly. Other platforms, like Trello, can be helpful with bigger projects. If all team members can keep track of a project’s progress, there’s less need for time-wasting follow-up emails.

Keep up morale

Working from home during the current shutdown can be stressful. Keeping employees engaged with incentives, team bonding sessions and one-on-one counselling can keep them interested and motivated. Employee engagement is one of the most efficient ways to ensure that your team meets your organizational goals.

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