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Is studying an MBA worth it?

Five benefits of earning your degree online

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While the COVID-19 pandemic made online learning a necessity over the last year and a half, with things getting back to normal, most post-secondary institutions and students will be returning to in-person classes.

However, there are many benefits to earning your degree online. Earning an online degree will not only help you reach your personal and professional goals, but an online program also offers many benefits over traditional on-campus learning.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the benefits of earning your bachelor’s or master’s degree online.

1. Increased Flexibility

For many adult learners and working professionals, the thought of pursuing a degree while juggling work and family commitments is daunting. Online degree programs provide increased flexibility allowing students to attend classes whenever and wherever is most convenient.

With no fixed class schedule to adhere to, students can choose to watch lectures and complete coursework around their busy schedule, shifting their schedule as needed. Without having to attend class in person, you can study anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection (and a place to plug in your laptop when needed).

2. Customize Your Learning Environment

It’s been well-documented that people learn differently. By earning your degree online, you’ll be able to tailor your educational environment to best suit your needs and get the most out of your courses.

You can interact with the course materials in a way that is most compatible with your learning style. A visual learner might focus more on a slideshow presentation or a whiteboarding video, and someone who learns best through reading/writing may choose to leverage a textbook or print out a transcript of the lecture.

And for those who enjoy a more interactive experience, most online degree programs include online discussion forums or interactive activities with professors and classmates.

3. More Accessible Education

If you’re looking at completing your degree in person, you have two options – attend a local university or move to pursue your academic dreams.

With online degree programs, prospective students have access to schools and programs around the world without having to disrupt the rest of their lives. This means students anywhere can access some of the most sought-after programs at leading institutions that would have otherwise been geographically out of reach.

4. Exposure to Global Perspectives

Without being limited geographically, online degree programs give students the chance to expand their world views through interacting with classmates and professors around the globe. As online programs make education more accessible and attract students from around the world, you will be exposed to people from different backgrounds, cultures and communication styles, all bringing their perspectives to classroom discussions and projects.

Working with individuals from around the world will give you valuable insights into how other people view things and give you a chance to improve your cross-cultural communication skills.

5. Improved Time Management and Other Soft Skills

Without having to attend in-person classes on a set schedule, you will have to hold yourself accountable for getting through the course material promptly, joining any online sessions, and setting aside time for study and completing projects and assignments.

Along the way, this should help you improve your organizational and time management skills.

And if you aren’t already proficient with online communication platforms, which are integral in most workplaces today, you will soon become an expert. With an online degree program, you will be required to collaborate with your fellow students on projects and connect with professors by email, instant messenger or video chat.

Developing these skills while you earn your degree online will help you succeed well into the future.

Looking for the right online degree program to take your career to the next level? University Canada West offers several online degree programs, including Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication.


Published on August 6, 2021.