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Federal funding to help job seekers find employment in British Columbia

Federal funding to help job seekers find employment in British Columbia

As part of Canada’s sustainable employment policy, the federal government and British Columbia have joined forces to help job seekers in the province. The investment by the federal and provincial government will spur BC’s economy and boost the employability of young adults.

Funding from the Canada-British Columbia Job Fund will help more than 5,500 British Columbians receive training to help them find employment within the province.

The federal and provincial governments have set aside about $36 million to train residents of BC, and 63 service providers have been contracted to offer skill-based training programs throughout the province.

Prospective job seekers will get on-the-job training for entry-level positions in different industries. After they successfully complete their training, these job seekers will not only get a certificate for short-term training, but they also will be able to network with prospective employers for apprenticeship and promotion opportunities. Some of the training programs will be delivered by the Industry Training Authority and the Ministry of Advanced Education.

The training programs aim to ensure that young job seekers are gainfully employed and have the ability to support their families. Penticton MLA Dan Ashton stated that the provincial government would keep investing in skills training to ensure that British Columbia’s economy grows and meets the changing needs of the labour market.

Boundary-Similkameen MLA Linda Larson said that it was necessary to provide these training programs to young job seekers as retirements and the province’s economic growth are expected to create nearly one million openings over the next eight years. Larson went on to add that the training programs would pave the way for young adults in the region earn those jobs.

Training programs have already started across British Columbia, and many will continue through September

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