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Is studying an MBA worth it?

Careers for MBA graduates

Careers for MBA graduates

There are a number of employment opportunities available to MBA graduates. 

People who have an earned a Master of Business Administration degree have acquired a large and varied skill set that can set them down a number of different career paths. 

This article from Canadian Business lists the top career options for MBA graduates. It lists executive level positions, investment banker, management consultant, accountant and business analyst as its top five. 

This article from U.S. News & World Report lists its top five “hot jobs” for MBA grads as: marketing manager, medial and health services manager, financial manager, database administrator and business operations manager.

ThoughtCo has compiled its own list of careers open to MBA graduates. It includes accounting, business management, finance, information technology and marketing. 

Starting your own business is always another option. Other suggestions include becoming an entrepreneur, as well as consulting, financial planning and becoming an analyst. 

Forbes cautions MBA grads to choose their first job carefully as it can set you down a path that subsequent jobs may follow. 

Whatever, path you decide to go down, an MBA is great foundation to build a career in business. It can provide you with the tools you need to succeed in today’s competitive business marketplace. 

University Canada West is located in the heart of Vancouver, BC. The university offers both an online and on-campus MBA program. The boutique, business-oriented university provides students with the experience to succeed in their careers and scholarships to recognize students’ academic excellence.


Updated on Dec. 18, 2020.