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8 tips to deal with exam stress and anxiety

8 tips to deal with exam stress and anxiety

In this blog, we will help you understand how to deal with anxiety and stress during exams. 

  • Music: music works wonders when it comes to exam stress. Listening to music lightens your mood, creating a positive and pleasant environment. As a result, you will feel motivated to study longer with better focus. The British Academy of Sound Therapy collaborated with the band Marconi Union to create the world’s most relaxing song, Weightless, to help people deal with stress. You can find a list of songs that can help you feel stress free during exams, here
  • Exercise: exercise and other physical activity has proven to be an excellent stress buster. If you don’t like rigorous physical activity, you can also opt for a quick walk. While students might think that the best way to deal with exam anxiety is to study for hours, that is not the case. Your brain needs to relax to be able to read, interpret and consume information. According to a survey conducted by Dr. Chuck Hillman at the University of Illinois, a 20-minute walk can give your brain the break that it needs to deal with exam stress. 
  • Bubble Wrap and Dogs: popping bubble wrap is a fun activity and guess what? It relieves stress too.

Another great way to release anxiety is by opting for some pet therapy. They not only reduce anxiety, but also help you focus better. According to a study released by Stress and Health, dogs can reduce stress and increase happiness levels among students going through exam stress. Moreover, pet therapy is known to help people with depression as well. 

  • Plan: a great way to deal with exam stress and anxiety is by creating a detailed study plan. Having a well-structured study plan will help you become more organized, productive and motivated, hence keeping stress and anxiety at bay and giving you control over the situation. 
  • Sleep: sleeping well is crucial, especially during exams. The advantage of having proper sleep is often underestimated. However, studies and scientific experiments have proven that sleep helps your brain absorb more knowledge and remember information for longer periods of time. Moreover, a good night’s sleep can help you concentrate better and reduce stress.
  • Dark Chocolate: chocolates are an indulgence that very few can ignore, but what if it could help beat the stress during exams? Well, studies have shown that eating dark chocolate contributes to countering the stress hormone (cortisol) and releases endorphin, which is a natural stress reducer.
  • Eat healthy: this might sound like it is coming from a nutritionist, but it has been scientifically proven that having good and healthy food contributes significantly to stress reduction. It helps you detoxify, makes you feel good from within and works wonders in keeping your mind free of negative thoughts.
  • Time management: more often than not, the reason for students going through extreme stress during exam time is because they think there’s a lot to study in very little time. You can easily counter this problem if you manage your time wisely. Start your preparations well before your exams begin, divide your time according to the difficulty level of a subject and try your best to stick to the study plan. Implementing effective time management methods can help you relax and study at a comfortable pace.

Parents’ pressure and the desire to excel can make exam time daunting. It is also necessary that universities take on the responsibility of helping students with preparations and handling exam stress. University of Canada West (UCW) constantly strives to make education easier and a comfortable experience for students. If you are planning to pursue higher education in Canada, click here to find out what UCW has to offer.