The most influential people in the world have long been able to persuade their audiences to think and act in a certain way. For example, Apple founder Steve Jobs, has often been called a corporate storyteller, who has no equal in terms of effective communication and presentation. Apple gained a lot from their former leader who talked with conviction and enthusiasm as demonstrated by his 2007 iPhone launch.

Another well-known figure is Bill Gates with Microsoft, who is widely considered a beacon of change in the world. He is hailed for his ability to break down complex issues in a simplified manner. His speeches highlighting the need for humanitarian work are both moving and impactful.

Leaders are visionaries who usher in a better tomorrow with their ability to communicate that vision with ease. As a budding entrepreneur, your ability to succeed does not only depend on your capabilities, but rather how well you express them. In order to pull in resources and contacts, you need to learn to convey your ideas through the power of words.

This blog provides insight into why persuasive communication is perhaps the most important ingredient for success.

Communication that is impactful

Everyday, we meet people but rarely do they have a lasting impact on us. The chosen few who manage to stand out are those who impress us with their words. These are people who speak with conviction about their beliefs and ideas. Their ability to articulate their point of view and connect with the listener is tremendous.

They know the power they hold and can easily impact how you think and act according to their agenda. When you can relate to someone’s word then they are already asserting their influence on you. As an entrepreneur, speaking well is important but speaking with persuasive ability is the actual golden key to success.

The importance of persuasive communication

Persuasive communication can be impactful and with practice, anybody can develop these abilities. Below are some reasons why persuasive communication is important:

  • Charisma: When you can convince people easily and sell your vision, you are seen as an extraordinary personality. Many strong speakers are a brand unto themselves simply because their words are their greatest selling tool.
  • Art of positive manipulation: Manipulation can be a useful tool if used with the right intentions. One can use this talent to get customers to buy products or to motivate employees.
  • Being relatable: When you speak like you understand people and their requirements, you immediately become relatable. This will draw people to you whether that be in a personal sense or a business sense in terms of customers.

Why is persuasion important for entrepreneurs?

Young entrepreneurs may have the drive to succeed in business, but often they do not have the right approach. In order to flourish, entrepreneurs have to work on connecting with the right people and convincing them that they need their products and services. Once again the main power is in the ability to persuade.

Enables you to market yourself

You have a great idea, but so do countless other businessmen. In order to give the right traction to your product and gather the necessary resources, you first have to make it appear unique to the world. This highlights the significance of communication and the importance of marketing yourself.

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