Collaboration is essential in the workplace. With offices in multiple cities and more employees working remotely, companies rely on online tools to help employees work together. Tools like instant messaging and video conferencing let your employees collaborate on the same project from anywhere using their desktop computers, mobiles or tablets.

Here are five top online platforms for business collaboration:


Slack has millions of users worldwide. Its slick interface lets you make video calls and send direct messages (DMs) to individuals and groups. Slack lets you organize employees into groups based on projects and departments. It’s compatible with Google Drive and Dropbox.


This cloud-based collaboration software is widely used in business and government. The platform offers group messaging, video conferencing and virtual meeting spaces that come with useful backgrounds. It offers HD audio and video. An attendance indicator helps you track individual participation and conduct polls.


Flock has an easy interface and useful productivity tools. Employees can use Flock to exchange DMs, share files, host video conferences and more. The application can be easily merged with essential business tools like Google Drive and Google Calendar. Additional features include workflow automation and note-taking.

Workplace by Facebook 

While Facebook is known as a tool for promotion and marketing, Workplace by Facebook lets you communicate with staff in a centralized hub. Instant messaging allows individual or group chats through text, voice or video. You can also stream video to make announcements or conduct training sessions. Real-time engagement analytics deliver instant feedback. It can be integrated with Office 365, G Suite, Google Drive and more.  

Microsoft Teams 

Despite tough competition, Microsoft is still a big player in the workplace collaboration sector. This cost-effective software improves productivity and boosts engagement. Teams lets employees share files, work collectively on a document and sync with other Office apps.

Whichever platform you choose, your goal is to bring employees together. It not only boosts productivity, it empowers every employee to share ideas and reach out to colleagues from other departments.

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