Mobile payment apps are used widely by businesses today. However, some small business owners in Canada cannot afford to create customized apps because the cost of development is prohibitive. Besides paying for each platform, a small business would also have to pay a monthly maintenance fee for each location, which would drive costs up even further.

Thankfully, ReUp decided to create a tool for small business owners that can be used to create mobile apps for different platforms at an affordable monthly fee.

Founded by Asim Shahjahan, ReUp offers mobile app solutions to small businesses and independent businesses. The ReUp platform allows small business owners to create their own mobile payment app for Android and iOS. This app can be branded for the business, and it can accept mobile payments from customers as well as digital and physical gift cards.

ReUp also lets retailers integrate the plug-ins of their choice from third-party providers and can include reservations, loyalty services and order-ahead services. Recently, ReUp has also integrated PayPal, and now retailers can accept payments through PayPal from their customers.

A GFK study in 2015 revealed that PayPal is the most popular mobile payment platform in Canada, and about 65 percent people in the country had used the platform in the six months leading up to the study.

PayPal Canada Head of Mobile and Market Development Alexander Peh stated that Canadians were keen to pay using their mobile phones, and ReUp is offering small business owners a simple way to create their own stylish mobile payment app that meets the demands of customers who want to pay with their phones.

Peh went on to state that PayPal was constantly looking to collaborate with start-ups such as ReUp that provide Canadians with an innovative method of payment and allow Canadian small businesses to position themselves in a competitive manner.

ReUp has found that many merchants want to use PayPal but do not have a way to accept the payment in their store. Now, ReUp has made it possible for businesses and merchants to accept PayPal payments at their cash counter by simply scanning customers’ devices.

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