John Ackermann, an anchor and reporter with News 1130, an all news radio station in Vancouver, B.C., interviewed Professor Lord David Blunkett about his views on Brexit. The initiative would see Britain exit the European Union. Ten days before Britain is to hold a referendum on the initiative Ackerman’s interview with the Right Honourable Blunkett was published online.

This is what Blunkett responded to one of the questions:

Q: Why should North Americans care about Brexit?

A: “Well, firstly, I think it’s really important that people across the world understand where power really lies. And power really lies in the hands of the very large international corporations, whether it’s Google or Facebook, whether it’s big mining corporations, or whether it’s Amazon. And with the very large trading agreements that have been reached… and with the large countries such as India and China, populations of 1.2 billion each, and in that global environment, it’s really important that countries join up and work closely together…”

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News 1130 also ran the following radio reports on air.