More than 1,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners recently came together for Startup Canada Day. This is one of the largest annual gatherings for small business owners, innovators, investors, government decision-makers, industry leaders, anchor companies, and media personalities to further the federal government’s innovation agenda.

Entrepreneurs and innovative small business owners rarely get an opportunity to share their knowledge, but Startup Canada Day allows them to join other like-minded individuals for strategic meetings with MPs, ministers and business decision-makers. This year, more than 50 company leaders, ministers and MPs were present to listen to innovative ideas and suggestions. The event included nine policy hearings, four hack-a-thons, more than 30 mentors, and 25 communities from Startup Canada.

Startup Revelstoke from BC was one of the Startup Canada communities participating in the event. The BC community brings together individuals who are passionate about learning, innovating and collaborating and who want to support the local community and make a difference.

Today, many BC start-ups are enjoying success because the provincial and federal governments have introduced incentives, accelerators, and support networks that help start-ups succeed. One of the ways they accomplish this is through Startup Canada, which is a nationwide enterprise that supports entrepreneurs through its flagship events, partnerships with private and public entities, online programs, and national awards. The organization has created a community for start-ups and small business owners so that they can succeed in a competitive business environment.

Startup Canada has a presence in BC, and it recently added two new BC communities, Startup Revelstoke and Startup Comox Valley, into its fold.

Startup Canada CEO and Co-founder Victoria Lennox said that the local Startup communities and entrepreneurs were crucial to designing and delivering sustainable strategies so that Canada could grow as an entrepreneurial and innovative start-up hub. She went on to add that input from entrepreneurs was responsible for setting Canada on the path of success in the 21st century. This success is steeped in innovation, diversity, and creativity.

With its entrepreneur-friendly environment and low taxes, BC is encouraging small business owners to set up shop. Such entrepreneurs can benefit from a UCW MBA degree that emphasizes the importance of critical thinking, seizing opportunities, and using innovative thought process to come up with pragmatic solutions to business challenges. UCW MBA graduates learn the art of working and collaborating with diverse teams to ensure timely completion of projects. Their quick-thinking and decisive actions promote and drive workplace success in a competitive global business environment.