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BC tech entrepreneur launches app to connect local freelancers and hirers

BC tech entrepreneur launches app to connect local freelancers and hirers

BC has been going out of its way to support the tech sector. It has introduced several programs and accelerators to help young entrepreneurs commercialize their concepts and enjoy mentorship from successful business leaders. It also boasts a young population that is creative, innovative and ready to experiment. Therefore, it is not surprising that one community in BC is turning into a fertile ground for tech entrepreneurs.

Squamish is a place where people can work remotely away from the humdrum of city life, but it is also ideally located close to a major city centre. In this tranquil yet energetic community, 21-year-old Nelson Languedoc has just created an app that will connect freelancers to individuals and organizations looking to hire locals.

The app, which is known as Indie Spear, is currently in the beta phase. It provides an online marketplace where freelancers can market themselves and prospective customers can find them. The app caters to a diverse range of services, from web development and car repair to tutoring and plumbing.

When asked to explain the unique name of the app, Languedoc clarified that “Indie” was a synonym for free, while “Spear” was a synonym for lance, and together they capture the meaning of “freelance”.

Languedoc explained that his app was very different from other job forums for freelancers, such as Craigslist. Indie Spear notifies members as soon as a job is posted online, and freelancers can be invited by the job poster to place bids. A review system allows freelancer and hirers to know more about each other. All payments for jobs are processed through the site, and it is a very organized job marketplace that has the ability to track milestones. When a project is completed, updates are displayed.   

Naomi Dunaway of the WorkBC Employment Services Centre at Squamish believes that young entrepreneurs in the area have more opportunities than ever before. She says that several start-up funding organizations, such as Futurpreneur, target youth, and there are ample resources for young adults who want to venture out on their own.

Languedoc’s app is a work in progress. He wants to include a dispute management system and has started a crowdfunding campaign using Generosity.com to raise funds for development.

BC offers young entrepreneurs like Nelson Languedoc numerous opportunities to succeed. However, such entrepreneurs can also benefit from a UCW MBA degree, which will teach them how to seize opportunities and use innovative yet pragmatic solutions for business challenges. The UCW MBA program helps students turn into effective, efficient and resourceful business leaders who can function optimally in a diverse and global business environment.