Many of us are impressed by amazing oration and excellent writing skills. Words, both written and oral, have a commendable sense of power. As the number of English speakers increases around the world, people are keen to improve their fluency and knowledge of the language.

Academic English is a different ball game which emphasises the correct usage of words and grammar. This is a mandatory requirement as it’s necessary for work presented by students for evaluation at universities.

In this blog, we define what academic English is and provide some practical tips that can help you improve.

What is academic English?

You may have grown up speaking English and feel you are completely comfortable speaking the language, but academic English can still cause confusion for many. You may notice that terminology used in academic English is seldom used for regular speaking or writing.

Similarly, when you are asked to write on a particular subject for coursework, you must present this in a structured way. The language that you will use to explain concepts and processes is highly complex and more layered than everyday English. Academic English is a necessary part of a university curriculum and requires immaculate vocabulary and expression.

When you familiarize yourself with academic English preparation, a lot of things become clearer and you will gain the ability to  develop good grammar and vocabulary, as well as better speaking skills.

Constructive ways to improve academic English

The internet has a wealth of information that can be used to improve language skills. It’s important to understand the meaning of new words you pick up as well as how to use them in the correct context. Here are a few ways that can help you enhance your academic English:

  • Gain proficiency over similar sounding words

Sticking to the old method of reading words from a dictionary and learning them and their use is passé. You need your writing to be interesting and error-free and this means you must never confuse your discreet with discrete or substitute dough with doe. These homonyms are an important part of the English language and can help you articulate yourself well. This is also one of the top ways to improve your spelling.

  • Choose better mediums for fluency

You will make little progress with your language skills if you stick to the same methods. Instead, give your vocabulary a boost by incorporating a variety of methods. Watching different TV shows and movies is just one way to improve your linguistic skills.

If you are looking for tips to speak English fluently, ensure you are using different resources.

  • Phonetics

Phonetics is a branch of linguistics in which sounds are studied. Getting the pronunciation of words right is of utmost importance. When you are acquainted with phonetics, you can understand how words are properly enunciated.

  • Understand active and passive sentences

Even many competent English writers often confuse these two styles of writing and this can lower the readability and clarity of written material.

Active voice is a style in which you can write simple sentences that are readable such as ‘the boy threw the ball.’ The same thing would sound clunky in the passive form, ‘the ball was thrown by the boy.’ A distinction between the two can help you present ideas better.

  • Practise and get feedback

Ensure that you incorporate as many of these tips and measure your development and growth. You can always involve friends, family and colleagues to help you as well as taking online tests to help you target weaker areas.

No matter what degree or profession you choose, you will be required to have proficient academic English. While this might seem like a daunting task, it is a skill that you can build on easily with the right course. The University Access Program offered by University Canada West might just be the right fit if you are looking for guided learning to enhance your English expertise. This program will help you to learn, incorporate and would your writing style to academic needs. Click the link to learn more and join this exciting course today.