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Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Together with our students, alumni, faculty and staff, University Canada West has developed a five-year Alumni Relations Plan to address the current and emerging needs of alumni as we build a strong and dynamic community led by alumni and supported by a committed group of stakeholders.

As a growing number of students graduate each year, this means staying connected offers even greater opportunities for networking, collaboration and career development.  If you have changed jobs or are doing something positive for the community, do email us at alumni@ucanwest.ca. We’d love to hear from you.


Theo Alumni


Theo used everything he learned at University Canada West to land a job as an auditor for the Real Estate Council of British Columbia (RECBC)

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Featured Alumni

Dr. amanfi

Born and raised in a small town in Ghana, Dr. Amanfi works as the chief technical officer of Empower ID.

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Shortly after graduating from UCW's MBA program, Lindani landed her dream job as a facility production assistant at Sony Pictures Imageworks

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Jacky Sun


Since graduating from UCW in 2011, Jacky has worked at one of the largest privately owned logistics companies in Canada.

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