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Supercharge your student recruitment using GUS Gateway’s tools and resources to amplify your agency’s performance.

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Use GUS Gateway to:

  • Create and submit applications to University Canada West and 9 additional GUS institutions
  • Recruit students from anywhere on Earth by sending trackable ULinks to complete online applications
  • Know the status of every application in your pipeline with email alerts and notifications with every update.
  • Upload missing documents post-application based on direct Admissions feedback, plus download Admission letters
  • Live Chat & Support Cases for 24-hour-a-day assistance anytime you need us
  • Upskill with GUS Academy digital student recruitment training platform
  • Access the Marketing & Resources library to download and share assets designed to boost your impact
  • Dashboard to maintain total pipeline oversight of your growing business
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Need access? Please contact your UCW Account Manager to activate your account and receive as many logins as your team needs. You will receive an automated welcome email from GUS Gateway to set your password and visit the portal.


UCW Designated Learning Institution (DLI) Number

As a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), UCW is issued the DLI number O19377235822. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) may ask you to provide UCW’s DLI number when you apply for a study permit or a visa. Please note that the DLI number starts with the letter "O" and not zero.