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A Response from Dr. Peter Chung, Executive Chairman of the Eminata Group


A Response from Dr. Peter Chung, Executive Chairman of the Eminata Group:

Recent coverage in The Province newspaper regarding the operations of University Canada West and other entities of the Eminata Group have, in my view, been grievous, inaccurate and hurtful. I would like to address the key issues in a fair minded and factual manner.

The Eminata Group is a dynamic organization and is Canada’s largest independent post- secondary education company.

Education and training programs at our colleges and University Canada West range from career diplomas and certifications to undergraduate and post-graduate academic degrees. In addition, we offer several online university degree programs to students who want the benefits of a Canadian education but are unable to attend a university campus.

Recently, one of my managers operating in India was found to be involved in practices which did not meet the stringent ethical standards of our organization. That individual was confronted with the facts and advised he would be dismissed.

Following those clear steps of action we received a threat that a campaign against Eminata would be launched unless certain sums of money were paid. As evidence of the malicious intent of the individual, a blog was set up with anonymous entries of complaint against our schools. We felt all of this constituted extortion and accordingly reported the situation to the Vancouver Police Department. They are awaiting more details.

The Province newspaper took interest in the story, intrigued by the anonymous complainants on the blog and elsewhere. We have made ourselves available to The Province over a period of some months, to little avail.

Allow me now to address some of the more egregious and distorted elements of their stories to bring clarification:

  • Vancouver Career College has been in operation since 1995 as part of the broader number of post secondary institutions in the Eminata Group. This group also includes University Canada West, CDI College, and others.

  • These schools in BC are all duly regulated, accredited as required and approved by the applicable and relevant authorities.

  • In the past two years more than 10,000 students have graduated from our programs across the country.

  • This year more than 3,000 students are enrolled in BC alone.

  • All instructional staff must meet the credentials set and approved by all relevant authorities.

  • At University Canada West, for example, all teaching faculty have either a Masters or PhD level degree.

  • In 2011, of the 3,100 BC students, two formal complaints were filed with Private Career Training Institutions Agency.

  • All Eminata Group colleges have a formal dispute resolution policy open to all students.

  • One appeal of an advertising matter ruled on by Mr. Justice Gaul from the BC Supreme Court (in favor of Eminata Group) was taken to the BC Court of Appeal. It was ruled that Eminata's advertising was neither actually nor potentially misleading.

  • Two senior staff members who were alleged by The Province newspaper to have worked in certain US institutions have in fact only worked in schools in Canada.

  • In 1991, a computer school in California which I voluntarily closed became insolvent and was assessed default damages of $12 million. Though I never acknowledged wrongdoing personally or regarding any staff, all of my business and personal assets (including my home) were applied to the judgment.

  • All of Eminata's colleges in British Columbia are fully audited, solvent and have an overall job placement rate of approximately 77% within the first six months after graduating.

  • For example, our grads in the Dental program average a 97% score in the National Dental Assisting Examining Board (NDAEB) exams. Ours is the only independent dental assisting program in BC that is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC).

The above illustrations provide balance which I believe was sadly lacking in the articles in The Province newspaper.

As is my custom, and the custom of all Eminata staff, I invite ongoing input and constructive criticism regarding any and all elements of our programs. We will continue to provide excellence and quality in training and educating students as they pursue and achieve their aspirations of a prosperous and meaningful future.

Dr. Peter Chung
Executive Chairman