Blockchain Workshops

Blockchain Workshop

At UCW, we believe in a future where technology and business are seamlessly integrated. This vision is supported by experts in the field and our meticulously developed workshops teach participants about the basics of Blockchain technology and build on that learning in subsequent sessions.

Each workshop is 12 hours in length and is divided over two days. They are held on a Saturday and Sunday on the UCW Campus in downtown Vancouver. These weekend workshops can be taken individually or as a pathway leading to a Blockchain certification through the Foundational Technologies Institute (FTI). Participants who have completed all six workshops will have the necessary knowledge to challenge three of their exams.

At the end of the workshops, attendees should leave with the knowledge and vocabulary needed to handle blockchain and cryptocurrency in professional situations. They will also acquire the tools necessary to develop their organization’s blockchain and/or cryptocurrency strategy and successfully promote it. For the management of the firm, having staff with such knowledge and expertise increases the probability of creative situations where opportunities can be extended to clients.

To register or for more information email Alternatively, you can download our brochure here.

Schedule - All workshops have been postponed

topic Date
Introduction to Blockchain March 28 & 29
Introduction to Blockchain Networks April 25 & 26
Introduction to Blockchain Platforms May 30 & 31
Cryptocurrencies and the Digital Economy June 27 & 28
The future of Blockchain: Challenges and Opportunities July 25 & 26
Returning to the future–Bitcoin Satoshi Version August 29 & 30

*Each workshop is held for six hours on Saturday and six hours on Sunday.


category price
UCW Alumni and Students $300
Early Bird $600
Regular Price $800

Group pricing and pricing for all six workshops is available. Please email for details.

Blockchain and its Relevance in Today’s Business Environment

With its secure distributed ledger technology, Blockchain continues to disrupt industries beyond digital currencies. According to an article by IEEE Innovation, recent developments in fields, such as Supply Chain, Healthcare, and the Internet of Things (IoT) proves the extent of Blockchain’s impact in today’s industries.

The impact of blockchain technology is being felt across a wide range of industries and areas, ranging from banking and healthcare to entertainment and supply chain management. Cryptocurrencies have established themselves as a new form of digital money, presenting new opportunities and threats to the global economy. It is a disruptive technology that is rapidly generating new opportunities for employment.

Is the Workforce Ready?

There is a global shortage of talent trained in blockchain and cryptocurrency which allows persisting risk in companies, governments and organizations worldwide.

UCW is offering workshops with hands-on training opportunities to help you understand, discuss and apply blockchain and cryptocurrency.