Blockchain Workshops

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At UCW, we believe in a future where technology and business are seamlessly integrated. This vision is supported by experts in the field and our meticulously developed online workshops teach participants about the basics of Blockchain technology and build on that learning in subsequent sessions.

Each full workshop is two hours in length (the free introductory workshop is 60 minutes) and participants will get a Certificate of Completion from UCW for each full workshop completed. All workshops will be available online to participants for 48 hours after the live event.

The workshops can be taken individually or as a pathway to a Certificate of Achievement for completing all five workshops through the Canadian College of Technology and Business (CCTB)

At the end of the workshops, attendees should leave with the knowledge and vocabulary needed to handle blockchain and cryptocurrency in professional situations. They will also acquire the tools necessary to develop their organization’s blockchain and/or cryptocurrency strategy and successfully promote it. For the management of the firm, having staff with such knowledge and expertise increases the probability of creative situations where opportunities can be extended to clients.

Blockchain Certificate Workshop Series – Level 1

Preparing for Success in a Post-COVID-19 World with Blockchain Technology 
This free 60-minute workshop will introduce participants to the technology and cover such topics as the origin and definition of blockchain, where the blockchain jobs are and how blockchain is being used in the fight against the Coronavirus.


Introduction to Blockchain
This workshop is designed to provide the student with a foundational background and understanding of the emerging technology called Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies and further to spark interest in the biggest technology since the internet.


Introduction to Blockchain Networks
This module provides learners with information on various types of Blockchain Networks including public, private, consortium and permissioned networks. What Blockchain networks are used for, the value they bring to business and society and how networks differ from each other. 


Introduction to Blockchain Platforms
This two hour workshop provides learners with an introduction to the specific information related to Blockchain platforms including Hyper Ledger, Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Cryptocurrencies and the Digital Economy 
This module is designed to provide you with a foundational background and understanding Cryptocurrencies, and the Digital Economy.


The Future of Blockchain: Challenges and Opportunities
This module is designed to provide you with a foundational background and understanding of the future of the  emerging technology called Blockchain.


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Blockchain Workshop Schedule

topic Date
Preparing for Success in a Post-COVID-19 World with Blockchain Technology (free 60-minute introductory workshop) 11 am - 1 pm (PDT) July 29, 2020
Introduction to Blockchain* 11 am - 1 pm (PDT) Aug. 12, 2020
Introduction to Blockchain Networks* 11 am - 1 pm (PDT) Aug. 19, 2020
Introduction to Blockchain Platforms* 11 am - 1 pm (PDT) Aug. 26, 2020
Cryptocurrencies and the Digital Economy* 11 am - 1 pm (PDT) Sept. 2, 2020
The Future of Blockchain: Challenges and Opportunities* 11 am - 1 pm (PDT) Sept. 9, 2020

* Workshop is about two hours long


category price
Regular price for each workshop $49
All five workshops $199

About the Instructor

George Levy

George Levy serves as Division Head for Blockchain at blocksEDU.

In that role, George leads the development and execution of blockchain educational programs online and in-person for blocksEDU. 

He is a blockchain technology, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency instructor and keynote speaker. He has led the development, delivery and execution of multiple blockchain education programs for blocksEDU including in-person workshops at the Ministry of Economy in Mexico, and at Blockchain Center in Miami, FL. He is a recognized influencer in the blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space with over 14,000 YouTube subscribers and has taught over 70,000 students in more than 180 countries.

George was a Co-Founding team member for YupiMSN, an Internet portal which was acquired by Microsoft Corporation.

He is a multiple award-winning digital entrepreneur including Top Blockchain Innovator, and has over 20 years of experience working with Internet and digital technologies. George holds a Bachelor of Arts from Florida International University (Cum Laude), Certified Senior Blockchain Professional from Blockchain Institute of Technology and is a Certified Bitcoin Professional from Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium (C4).

Blockchain and its Relevance in Today’s Business Environment

With its secure distributed ledger technology, Blockchain continues to disrupt industries beyond digital currencies. According to an article by IEEE Innovation, recent developments in fields, such as Supply Chain, Healthcare, and the Internet of Things (IoT) proves the extent of Blockchain’s impact in today’s industries.

The impact of blockchain technology is being felt across a wide range of industries and areas, ranging from banking and healthcare to entertainment and supply chain management. Cryptocurrencies have established themselves as a new form of digital money, presenting new opportunities and threats to the global economy. It is a disruptive technology that is rapidly generating new opportunities for employment.

Is the Workforce Ready?

There is a global shortage of talent trained in blockchain and cryptocurrency which allows persisting risk in companies, governments and organizations worldwide.

UCW is offering workshops with hands-on training opportunities to help you understand, discuss and apply blockchain and cryptocurrency.