Key Facts


Full-time Tuition Fees (Domestic):

$7,632 (Year 1 to 3)
$2,544 (Year 4)

Full-time Tuition Fees (International):

$18,900 (Year 1 to 3)
$6,300 (Year 4)

Program Tuition Fees:


$27,840* (Domestic)
$69,600 (International) 

*30% discount applies for Canadian Forces members and veterans


Fall (October), Winter (January), Spring (April), Summer (July)



Online Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce

The Bachelor of Commerce online syllabus consists of four tiers: university foundation, disciplinary foundation, disciplinary applications, and integrative applications. As a whole, the qualification covers the foundations of all aspects of businesses and the way they are operated.  You will see vast improvements in your writing and research skills, as well as the ability to perform well as part of a team.

Those who graduate from the ACBSP-accredited Bachelor of Commerce online program will gain a new found knowledge of contemporary business practices, and the refined ability to use critical thinking to analyze and interpret information to make informed decisions.

Why study Bachelor of Commerce online?

  • Flexible study times, allowing you to fit studies around work hours
  • Valuable opportunity to be part of a worldwide network of students
  • Access to outstanding online study resources
  • Successfully boosts your personal and professional advancement
  • Learn from highly experienced professors with professional experience

Course Structure

The Bachelor of Commerce online program follows the same course structure as the on-campus alternative – the only difference is the delivery method. The Bachelor of Commerce online allows you to fit studies around your work hours.

The Bachelor of Commerce content is delivered online via:

  • Personal contact with your lecturer through email and/or Skype
  • Interactive videos
  • Detailed case studies of international companies
  • Clear and informative study resources
  • Online discussion forums

With identical materials provided and the same syllabus covered, students studying our Bachelor of Commerce online enjoy the same learning outcomes as studying on-campus.

Course Coverage for CPA Programs

University Canada West has an articulation agreement with the Chartered Professional Accounts of British Columbia and students can transfer UCW credits to the CPA Professional Education Program for some courses.

Students who are missing one or more of the required courses for direct admission into the Chartered Professional Accountants Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) can complete the equivalent coursework at University of Canada West.

A list of specific CPA prerequisite requirements that University of Canada West students may be exempt from taking if they have the completed courses at UCW can be found here.

Academic Standing

Students must remain in Good Academic Standing to continue their studies at UCW. For full details about Academic Standing, refer to the current Academic Calendar here.

Graduation Requirements

UCW students must fulfil the requirements listed in the Academic Calendar in order to be eligible to graduate. For full details about Graduation Eligibility, refer to the current Academic Calendar here.

Learn more about the UG course structure

Entry Requirements and Tuition Fees

Entry requirements for the Bachelor of Commerce online are the same as the on-campus equivalent. We offer an English pathway program for those whose first language is not English, giving you the opportunity to reach the standard language proficiency requirements.

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