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UCW students discover Vancouver’s stunning Shipyard Market

UCW students discover Vancouver’s stunning Shipyard Market

For the first time this year, UCW Student Services has been scouting out unique and memorable places in Vancouver to take its students, many of whom are international, to help them acclimatize to living in one of Canada’s most cosmopolitan cities. Lorris Leung, UCW Student Services Manager, does the location scouting. 

In July, she got nine students to hop on public transit, her chosen mode of transportation, to sample delights from 15 food trucks and take in music, food displays and art at North Vancouver’s Shipyard Market

It was really a nice chance for me to meet other students and spend time with classmates in a special Vancouver setting outside of a UCW classroom,” says UCW MBA student Esra Ragab. 

Our goal with these outings via public transportation is to provide students with a fun, easy, economical way to see the world go by and witness various lifestyles in Vancouver, a city that will be their new home for at least the next two years,” explains Leung. 

Granville Island was another star Vancouver attraction that Leung helped UCW students discover earlier this term.

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Written by UCW News Team