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New students must write an essay at UCW

New students must write an essay at UCW

Almost all new students at University Canada West must write a 500-word argumentative essay before they can register for classes.

The essay is one component of the mandatory SOAR 098 (Student Orientation and Academic Readiness) course at University Canada West (UCW). Only students enrolled in the University Access Program (UAP) are exempt from writing the essay.

Students must complete SOAR 098 and write the English exam, regardless of previously established English proficiency test scores such as IELTS or an equivalency. The essay must be on one of five topics provided and is evaluated for content, coherence, grammar and vocabulary.

Students not writing to the required academic standard must take an extra course during their first term at UCW. English 080 will be added to a student’s degree pathway.

“This is to ensure students are prepared for the rigours of the degree program,” said Brock Dykeman, UCW’s VP Academic. “We know it is important to the success of their degree program.”

The English 080 course focusses on university writing.

“This helps to ensure that they will ultimately be successful,” Dykeman said.

The two-day SOAR 098 includes one day of student orientation and a second day of testing. In addition to writing the essay, all students must take part in a library workshop.

Students directly entering the MBA program are also required to write a statistics exam as part of SOAR 098. Students unable to achieve 50 per cent on the open-book, multiple-choice exam are required to take a remedial stats course during their first term at UCW. Click here to learn more about that test.

Online students take SOAR 098 online, while on-campus students take the course on the downtown Vancouver Campus.

University Canada West is located in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia. The university offers both online and on-campus Bachelor of CommerceBachelor of Arts in Business Communication and MBA programs. The business-oriented university provides students with the experience to succeed in their careers and scholarships to recognize students’ academic excellence.