In this shaky economy, businesses are counting on their employees more than ever. But, months into the COVID-19 pandemic, recognize that your employees might still be struggling, too. Here are some ways to support your employees and boost engagement:

Be more flexible

For many companies, work-from-home polices are expected to continue for the foreseeable future. But working from home might still be challenging for some employees. For instance, they may not have proper workspaces at home, or they may be looking after their kids. Ask employees whether working from home is working for them. Consider providing some flexibility in work schedules and deadlines.

Encourage virtual social time

The pandemic has also resulted in social isolation for many employees. To help keep employees connected, encourage them to meet for virtual get-togethers or have group calls every week to lighten the mood.

Engage in online collaboration

If you’re using collaborative tools that your employees haven’t used before, consider offering online training.

Make safety a priority

If you have employees who can’t work from home, ensure that they are following safety guidelines, including social distancing and wearing a mask.

Acknowledge their hard work During a crisis, communication with employees is essential for morale. Let them know that you appreciate what they’re doing.

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