Lindani Mokgweesti

Lindani Mokgweesti
UCW Alumni, MBA (2017)
Current title: Facility Production Assistant
LIndani Mokgweesti leveraged the education she received at University Canada West to launch a career with the one of the world’s leading visual effects and character animation companies. Lindani graduated from UCW’s Master of Business Administration (program) and landed a job at Sony Pictures Imageworks, which has its headquarters in Vancouver, only blocks away from the UCW campus.

She moved to Canada from South Africa and earned an Entertainment Business Management diploma from Vancouver Film School before furthering her studies at UCW. UCW helped prepare Lindani for the business world. “I can see the business consequences, financial consequences, of smaller actions on the facility,” she said. 

“Without an MBA, managers come in and just do the task. It (the MBA) helped me learn the importance of what I’m doing.” Her learning at UCW extended beyond course curriculum. “I learned how to be self-aware and to really understand the people around me,” Lindani explained.he said. 

The lessons she learned at UCW apply directly to her new role and responsibilities. “In business management, you’re managing resources and the most expensive and difficult resource to manage is people,” Lindani said. She loves the challenges associated with her new job as well as the opportunities for growth with such a well-known and respected company. Read more about Lindani here!