Education has always been important to Jacky Sun, which is why he began planning his next move after graduating from a local technical institute in 2006. Jacky was looking for a university that offered practical, hands-on learning, that was business-focused and provided flexible programming for students.After comparing several universities, Jacky decided that UCW would offer a learning environment that worked for him and so he enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce program.

UCW faculty are more than qualified and their credentials are impressive,” Jacky explained. “It’s important for students to have this confidence in their professors and to receive the support they need to get the most out of their education. UCW faculty were with me every step of the way and greatly impacted the way I see the world for the better.”

Since graduating from UCW in 2011, Jacky has worked at one of the largest privately owned logistics companies in Canada and has moved up the ranks to Transportation Manager. What he likes most about his industry is its constant change—he needs to be aware of new regulations, advancements in global shipping and have the capability to quickly accommodate emerging ideas. Jacky’s UCW education helped him adapt to an ever-changing industry. “It encouraged me to have my own opinion and gave me the ability to change my thinking process and apply it to real-life circumstances,” he said.

When it comes to others, no matter where they are in life, Jacky offers a piece of advice that he reminds himself often, “don’t get too comfortable for too long; it’s up to you to keep yourself updated.” With the desire to continue his education, Jacky plans on completing his MBA in the near future.