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Is studying an MBA worth it?

Uyen N.


Uyen is a University Canada West alumna. During her time at UCW she went above and beyond to help the institution with its student-related endeavours by getting involved with events and volunteering her time.
Below she discusses her time at the university.



Why did you choose UCW?

I chose UCW because of the small class sizes. I knew I could study with great support from not only professors, but also the staff. In addition, I liked that the campus is in downtown Vancouver, which is very convenient for any activity, including finding a part-time job.

What do you like about UCW?

I like the fact that professors know students by name and they give feedback based on the ability of each individual student. Also, the librarians are amazingly helpful. They are very patient and knowledgeable.

How did UCW prepare you for your future career?

Career Development specialists looked at my resumé and told me how I could improve it. UCW also organized workshops about job interviews which they told us what to wear, how to introduce and present ourselves. UCW also invited guest speakers from different industries to come and share their experiences with students, which helped students have better visions about their future and expectations.

Uyen N.
MBA alumna from Vietnam