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Is studying an MBA worth it?

Pubudu A.


"Studying online with UCW has been an amazing opportunity because the university supports us in numerous ways.

First of all, UCW’s New Student Orientation provided us with excellent knowledge about the country, the university as well as the services and programs.

When I started online classes, I had a few concerns about whether I would be able to manage my studies due to living in a different country, being in a different time zone and the difference in cultures.

However, I would say our professors give us super support. They are always flexible with our difficulties. Most importantly, they are always available to us. They are not only concerned about the lessons and materials; they are also concerned about our individual performance and our personal lives.

Studying online is not a challenge when you connect with the right place and the right people. UCW helps students attain their academic goals, we just have to follow their guidance and instructions. They create the forum for us to study comfortably. UCW is with us whenever we need them. We never feel alone."

Pubudu A.
MBA student from Sri Lanka