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Is studying an MBA worth it?

Gunay S.


"If you are planning to study and you are hesitating and worried about your financial statement it is time for action as University Canada West is supporting our dreams by offering CIS regional grant!

Let me introduce myself, my name Is Gunay Sadigova, I am 33 and originally I am from Azerbaijan and “I had a dream”. It was a quite simplistic one: to get an MBA education of full value in Canada, but this dream seemed to be quite pricey. CIS regional grant turned out to be one of the major supports helped me to achieve my goals and now I am here as a part of the academic curriculum. 

I enrolled January 2020 and since January I am living in Vancouver and getting my education in line with talented professionals from all parts of the world and I am in love with the unique climate of British Columbia. 

But no one was expecting COVID-19. No one was ready and predicted that our life can rapidly change and all our plans can be ruined. But the MBA course taught us that there is no failure, only experience which helps us to improve. So did we, MBA students of UCW studying their second course and instantly moving online.  

As you may know, people always try to deny something that moves them out of their comfort zone. But time demonstrated that we have got a lot of benefits from pandemic and quarantine. 

It is much more convenient to attend meetings being at home, especially, early mornings. Spending less time for travel, morning grooming is always pleasant.  Being home, we save money on food and transportation so I managed to buy a bike I dreamed of for the money I’ve saved.

Coming to the most important part, it is an undeniable fact that nothing can change human face-to-face interaction, though, living in digital epoch our teachers made us acquire lots of new online platforms, acquisition and utilization of which makes us valuable on the labour market. Mainly, we don’t feel any shortage of curriculum delivery and continuous assessment.

Besides that, the University rapidly adjusted the study program and offered many up-to-date alternatives and financial aids to students. As well as university, government is accepting time spent for online education as in campus, which means that time spend at home will not affect on your future immigration possibilities.

What we need more? Being a young professional and getting such a great support by CIS regional grant and a variety options from the University and the Canadian Government you should act as fast as possible. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!"

Gunay S.
MBA Online Student from Azerbaijan