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Is studying an MBA worth it?

Emin I.


"It is my pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Emin and I am from Azerbaijan. I have recently been admitted to MBA at the University Canada West for the spring session 2020. While preparing my documents for applying to the UCW, I have also been proposed to apply for the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) grant and fortunately, I was awarded. 


However, after all the paperwork was completed I have received my study visa and booked a ticket to fly to Canada, but due to COVID-19, it was suspended. Although, I felt embarrassed and demotivated at that time, the UCW has contacted me and offered two options of study: online or defer the term. I have chosen to study online and do not regret about my decision. The online classes have a lot of fun, such as, communication with peers, playing online games, discussion various types of topics and so on. 

Additionally to that, I am able to spent more time with my family, friends

and relatives. It makes studying online easier and more comfortable. I am flexible in managing my courses and can contact my professors through different types of platform, such teams, what’s app, skype, zoom and My UCW portal. All lectures, presentations and videos are attached, so one can easily access there and read them. 

Another benefit of studying online is a financial. I would have spent thousands of dollars for looking accommodation, food and travelling. Instead, I am in my home country with my family and friends and it costs me less that I would spent there. I am very excited to meet my classmates, professor and to make new network and I am confident that soon, I will be there and will have a chance to absorb all beauty and fresh air of Vancouver. 

So, by writing this, I want you guys to be more positive about the situation we have faced and to not give up on your future goals.

P.S. My biggest thanks to Nigar Musabayova (Associate Director at University Canada West) who has contacted me many times to support and encourage me.

Thank you Nigar Musabayova, wish you all the best and thank you for advising me that particular University"

Emin I.
MBA Online student from Azerbaijan